The NYFFC’s main focus is public works construction.  Public works construction is not defined in New York law, but generally means a construction project that is owned and funded by a public body, on public land and accessible to the public, and for the benefit of the public.  Public works construction projects must be bid out publicly.  

Contractors and subcontractors on a public works project are required to the area prevailing wage.  In New York, prevailing wage must be paid on all qualifying federal, state, and local projects.  For more information on what is a qualifying project, visit the FAQ page. Contractors are required to abide by state apprenticeship regulations, and local apprenticeship laws.  Click the LAWS AND RULES OF PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION link below for more information.  

The public bidding process is just as important to fair contracting as paying full and fair prevailing wage. Key to public bidding is transparency and accountability.  That is why the NYFFC is committed to providing information and resources about the bidding process.  Click the LAWS AND RULES OF PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION link below for more information.  

Prevailing wage is just one of many rights a worker has on the job.  A worker has a right to a safe work environment.  A worker has the right to work free from discrimination and harassment. A worker has the right to take concerted action for the benefit of himself and his fellow workers.  For more information, click the YOUR RIGHTS ON THE JOB link below.    

Safety is key at any job site, but is of particular importance in the construction world.  If you think a job site is unsafe and poses an immediate hazard, contact your local OSHA representative.  Asbestos poses a unique danger of its own on any job site that involves it. Because of this, the New York StateDepartment of Labor has a division that can assist in any safety concerns regrading asbestos abatement work - the Asbestos Control Bureau. 

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